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The i-SPEED 2 brings portability and power to your application without exhausting your budget. With a beautiful 2.6 megapixel image sensor, optional extended battery and expandable video storage options, the i-SPEED 2 isn't playing the game, it's changing the game.

i-SPEED 2 Series Line-up

high speed video
500 fps @ 1280 x 1024
79,500 fps
14 μm square pixel size
2GB / 4GB / 8GB Storage
Mono 2,500 ASA
Color 2,000 ASA
*211 model equipped with internal battery
slow motion camera
600 fps @ 1600 x 1600
204,100 fps
8 μm square pixel size
2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB Storage
Mono 1,200 ASA
Color 1,000 ASA
*221 model equipped with internal battery



Whether using the light-sensitive 14μm image sensor of the 210 and 211 models, or the expanded image sensor of the 220 and 221 models, you will be amazed at the simply wonderful megapixel image quality of the i-SPEED 2 Series.

The i-SPEED 2 Series provides slow-motion video in the palm of your hand. Whether on an automotive impact sled, attached vertically to a piece of machinery, integrated into an assembly line, or mounted on a tripod, the small size and weight of the i-SPEED 2 fits where other cameras simply can't.
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In the World
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Up to 16GB On-Board Storage
2 GB | 4 GB | 8 GB | 16 GB
The i-SPEED 2 provides a wide variety of storage levels, allowing for everything from discrete transient event capture to extended full resolution record times of over 11 seconds.
Unplug and Go
The i-SPEED 2 comes with an optional internal battery. Simply charge the i-SPEED 211 or 221, configure the camera trigger, and then record on the go – with absolutely no connections necessary. Remove the tether and unleash high-speed, slow-motion video anywhere.
Software, Simple
Control 2 Series software provides a complete user-friendly interface for recording, playback, and editing of i-SPEED 2 high-speed videos. This powerful camera control software has been developed specifically to handle large amounts of data, fast transmission, and ultra slow motion in videos recorded at up to 200,000 frames per second. Control 2 Series is ideal for a wide range of video applications, including manufacturing and process automation, quality assurance testing, research and development, biomechanics, and sports.

Slow Motion Analysis Software



Maximize the benefits of your i-SPEED 2 Series camera though personal support and training classes, including help with installation, applications, and more.

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